The 8th International Conference on Education in Muslim Society (ICEMS) 2022


In support to UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta of becoming a World Class University, Faculty of Educational Sciences (Indonesian term: Fakultas Ilmu Tarbiyah dan Keguruan, hereinafter abbreviated as FITK) continues to provide exceptional services through its annual “International Conference on Education in Muslim Society” (ICEMS), which discusses current issues in education. Our vision to be an excellent, competitive, professional Institutions of Educators and Education Personnel (Indonesian term: Lembaga Pendidik dan Tenaga Kependidikan, hereinafter abbreviated as LPTK) by integrating the values of science, Islam, humanity, and Indonesia, drives our faculty to continuously strive for becoming the leader in contextual education studies.

ICEMS is one of FITK’s flagship activities to comprehensively examine actual educational issues from global perspectives. This event aims to involve education experts from various countries to highlight, discuss, and find solutions to the recent issues in Islamic education. Through ICEMS, the faculty is expected to continue its contribution to offer solutions to current and growing issues in national, regional and global scale.

In this year, ICEMS offers some distinctions, for example, by having collaboration with “Balai Litbang Agama Jakarta, Kementerian Agama RI” and raising theme “The Future of Education: Moderate, Inclusive, Professional, and Well-Being“. This event is expected to bring regional, national, and international experts to examine the professionalism of educators (including teachers and lecturers) and to discuss the future of post-pandemic education. In this year, ICEMS is also expected to track, document and disseminate best practices from educators around the world.

The discussion on how educators’ professionalism in responding to the challenges of teaching and learning during the pandemic has a strategic urgency so that relevant stakeholders in FITK UIN Jakarta can understand the overall context of post-pandemic impacts in education. Through comprehensive and wider views, it is hoped that educators could maximize online learning while at the same time, minimizing students’ learning loss. Therefore, to respond to the challenges, FITK UIN Jakarta in collaboration with the Balai Litbang Agama Jakarta aims to bring its impacts through the 8th International Conference on Education in Muslim Society (ICEMS) 2022.

Aims of the Event

The 8th ICEMS 2022 aims to:

  1. Examine how the educators’ professionalism should respond to the disruption in the field of education;
  2. Present competent experts on a national, regional, and international scale to discuss the future of post-pandemic education;
  3. Share best practices to/ with competent education experts, academics and education practitioners regarding teaching strategies and innovations in current education situation;
  4. Explore, document, and disseminate best practices from any participating educators in responding to the challenges of online teaching and learning;
  5. Make a vivid contribution to find solutions and best practices for current educational problems globally.


Output of the Event

The outputs generated through this activity include:

  1. The implementation of the 8th ICEMS 2022 was well done.
  2. Documented good practices of educators in responding to the challenges of post-pandemic education and teaching.
  3. The publication of articles/papers on the 8th ICEMS 2022 activities in reputable national and/or international publishers.